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More than 10 years in the game, MI Abaga still remains Nigeria’s biggest rapper

December 5, 2018


More than 10 years in the game, MI Abaga still remains Nigeria’s biggest rapper

“And they say I’m the best, ah I’m on top of the rest”.

“Rappers are vexer, chasing me with a Vesper, Some na Keke NAPEPs, ah not a threats, Sir, I’m a jet, Sir”.

“These rappers are kids”.

“I’ve been paving the way, John the Baptist; I’ve been doing my thing round the atlas; Rappers blowing up And I’m the catalyst, catalyst, catalyst,”.

MI Abaga

The rap music industry has seen rappers come and go, but Jude Abaga (MI Abaga) still remains. One begins to wonder why MI is MI. Among all rappers who ever existed in Africa, MI Abaga blew everyone away to remain as “Chairman”. Not only is he one of Nigeria’s more productive rappers, but it is also hard to name another solid rapper asides MI.

The quotes above are from tracks in his second album MI2. This album remains one of the best in Nigerian music history by all standards.

MI Abaga changed the game, showing us that you can make it as a hardcore rapper. Speaking to a fan of good music, Titi on why MI still remains relevant, she says, “he evolved, only artistes who evolve can remain relevant in the entertainment industry”.

Mitch, a hardcore rapper thinks in the same direction, “MI has definitely improved over time, as a well as standing as number 1. But this wouldn’t have been possible if the same industry that birthed him gave rise for another to come up”.

The rap industry has taken a decline ever since MI Abaga decided to step back from the music scene to become the President of Chocolate City. Mitch thinks MI could have done more for the rap industry.

“He had the responsibility of keeping rap attractive but he didn’t. This affected the perception of rap music and many felt it was a failed endeavour”.

MI Abaga

In MI’s defence, the rap industry wasn’t his to build, was it? If many could just exhibit the same brilliance and delivery MI exudes, maybe the industry could have picked up. It would be wrong to say that the failure in the rap industry is because of MI.

The biggest gift he gave the industry was his absence, giving room for others to grow. Maybe that was a wrong tactic though as he could have been a funnel for young rappers. MI Abaga remains the king after all these years; is this good or bad for the rap music industry?

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