OgiIyaPamilerin is daring to sell OGI(Pap) online globally

December 10, 2018


OgiIyaPamilerin is daring to sell OGI(Pap) online globally

In Nigeria, food is everywhere. Within Nigeria, on every corner, there are restaurants, bukas and bars serving up traditional meals. With the continuous increase in internet penetration and springing up of more online businesses across Nigeria, there are only a few things you cannot buy online. But what you’d likely not expect to find is ogi (pap).

Ogi, as pap is locally called in this part of the country is highly demanded especially as it takes little to be prepared, and could be served alongside several meals. Due to its local nature, pap is one of those meals you would never expect to be sold online, until last week.

It all started as a clap back from a Twitter user who called out popular digital influencer Pamilerin for not changing his mum’s line of business which is selling ogi.

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While some thought Pamilerin would be too ashamed to respond, he turned the tables around and created a niche business — selling ogi online– and has created a whole new demand for ogi online with the #OgiIyaPamilerin hashtag.

In 48 hours #OgiIyaPamilerin made over 175 deliveries in Lagos alone. Several celebrities have backed the new product as well.

Pamilerin’s mum ventured into the ogi business many years ago at the Mushin area of Lagos. This means that the brand is well vested in the business and knows what it is doing.

Speaking to Pamilerin Adegoke about the new brand, he said, “everything has changed for me since the new brand started.” #OgiIyaPamilerin which is sold in two packs — 2 litters and 4 litres — goes for 2500 and 4500 respectively.

As of July 2018, Nigeria internet penetration stood at 103 million users, these are people who wouldn’t mind ordering for ogi online as they spend most of their time online. So there could be a huge market for the product not just in Nigeria, but for Nigerians all over the world.

After creating a brand as a digital influencer for years, Pamilerin has decided to build a bridge between his mum’s ogi business offline and a burgeoning demand for it online. His goals are ambitious but straightforward; he wants to achieve 1000 percent increase in sales and plans to repackage the product this year for the online market. “I am working on a new packaging, get them abroad. It will be unveiled in a few days’’.

Will Pamilerin be able to deliver on his promise of making the brand a world-class food processing company with its products sold in places like Shoprite? Only time will tell.

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