The different kinds of people entering January

December 31, 2018


The different kinds of people entering January

The New Year is almost here and it is better we know ourselves now before we enter the “Month of Months”. Fun fact: January is five weeks long and we all know how it usually treats us; unruly, unbothered and eventful.

As we countdown to 2019, these are the kinds of people who will cross over to the new year.

Those who are already broke before entering the new year

Who sent me to do Detty December? Owo ti jona

Those who are broke but try to package

I’m rich I just can’t find the key to my account

Those who are wise with their spending during the festive season

January has got nothing on me

Those who carry over New Year resolutions

I don’t know what happened

The “I Just Got Back” group who can’t wait to go back to making dollars

We’ll be back next year! Same time same place

Since we all know ourselves we should be wise in our spendings and behaviour this new year.

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