The Kizz Daniel Fu*k You Challenge got to all of us

April 1, 2019


The Kizz Daniel Fu*k You Challenge got to all of us

The fuck you challenge created by Kizz Daniel from a track he titled Fuck You took us by surprise last week. Major music artistes have jumped on the challenge and we are loving the originality behind the lyrical content. We came up with a list of our best covers; take a look.

Vector the Piper

He remains the Viper in the industry, the lyrical content and delivery were phenomenal. The direction he took was a reverse and he executed well. This line got to me ” Who tell of Una, could it be of una”. He murdered the beat throughout his cover. His cover is our best, shoutout to the son of Lafiaji. So many artistes have gone to his comment section to give him credit.

Tiwa Savage

Just as her name implies, she is savage. Her response on the cover was electric and even got people guessing and assuming who she was referring to in the cover. She later came and said she has no beef with anyone and the lyrics didn’t mean she was referring to anyone.

However, Escape Club which she mentioned has been closed for awhile due to big names in the entertainment space owing the club millions of naira. The owner has taken to Instagram to mention names of those owing. This is the power in just one cover.


“Can you Simi now”, yes we do Simi. Her vocals on the cover seemed effortless. We are not surprised though, we have seen her grow to become a force to reckon with in the music scene. Her cover is our third best.

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Using members of the DMW Clan is genius, this got people talking about who the girl in question was. His narrative was that a girl he loved jilted him and had something to do with almost every DMW member besides Davido and Mayor of Lagos. His delivery was nice which is why he made our list.

Final thoughts

The premise of the Fuck you challenge is to voice out on a heartbreak no matter how small. Heartbreaks don’t heal by venting your anger, we should endeavour to forgive and move on. We should be expecting a remix from Kizz Daniel anytime soon.




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