On Sport Today: Kawhi Leonard’s Last Shot Secured a Conference Finals For Raptors

May 14, 2019


On Sport Today: Kawhi Leonard’s Last Shot Secured a Conference Finals For Raptors

The NBA Playoffs usually comes with its own vibe which usually sends chills down our spins and this year wasn’t any different. The Bucks and The GSW already qualified for their Conference finals after beating the Celtics and the Rockets respectively.

The Raptors and The Trail Blazers both needed to win Game 7 for them to have the chance to challenge for the conference finals.

Kawhi Leonard

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Kawhi definitely wasn’t going to let this chance slip by as he took the game-winning shot from the arc and beat all odds to give his team of a much-deserved win over the much resilient Sixers. He ended the night with 41 Pts, 8 REB & 3 Ast making history with a Game 7 Buzzer-beater. Although 76ers top performer Joel Embiib made 21Pts, 11REB 4 Ast, it still wasn’t enough to give them an edge. The Toronto Raptors are set to face Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference Finals starting on Wednesday.

Portland Trail Blazers

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CJ McCollum was the top performer for the Trailblazers making 37 Pts, 9 REB & 1 Ast, as they made their first Western Conference finals since the year 2000 after Game 7. They overturned a 17 pts first-quarter deficit and won by 4pts. Jokic was the top performer for the Nuggets with 29 Pts but that wasn’t enough for the highly defensive Nuggets to pull through. The Curry brothers will be against each other as they lock horns tonight.

In Other News…….

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Manchester City retained the Premier League title on Sunday afternoon as they beat Brighton & Hover 4-1. They finished with 98 pts, 1 pt more than Liverpool’s 97 pts, who didn’t relent on their efforts throughout the cause of the season.¬†Manchester City has gained 198 of a possible 228 Premier League points over the past two seasons. That equals domination on a level not seen before, and it should give cause to think to all those people who ridiculed Pep Guardiola’s achievements at Bayern (a one-horse race) and Barcelona (a two-horse race).

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Manchester United, on the other hand, have a lot to work on during the offseason and preseason as they ended the season with a Home loss to the already relegated Cardiff  City. For me, a rethink on who stays and goes is a very vital aspect to begin from if there is going to be any change in the team for the coming season. Chelsea and Tottenham finished in 3rd and 4th place respectively.

Manchester United’s Female team are in a beautiful form as they won the championship in grand style, finishing with a 9 pts difference over the team in second place.

Manchester United Women v Lewes Women - WSL


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