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August 21, 2019


Lately I’ve been so fascinated with hair accessories like scarves and turbans, but my latest fascination right now is the “beret”.

I know when berets are mentioned, we always think about those ugly hats that we often see people wear but berets are a hot fashion trend right now.

The great thing about berets is you can wear it with literally anything. A gown, a simple top and trousers or skirts….anything. Well, maybe except iro and buba, but then you might want to start a fashion trend.

So do you think berets are a must have for every woman and how do you plan to accessorise your outfits with berets. Send your pictures and let’s start a trend. #beretsfímor.

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Lefimor: She sees herself as a God lover, fashion lover, fashion designer in the making and a foodie.

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