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Is Littering a Sin ?

November 22, 2019

Is Littering a Sin ?

I put up a question on my whatsapp status a few days ago, “is littering a sin?”, some people said it is, another set of people said it is wrong but it isn’t necessarily a sin, one person even said “in the book of oversabi people who have added to the ten commandments”.

So i decided to ask another question, “is littering wrong”. Basically everybody said yes to this.
Now I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad or make myself feel like I’m better. If we all know littering is wrong then why do we do it?. It doesn’t cost you anything to hold on to that wrapper or nylon and dispose it properly later on. When people throw dirt on the floor, who are they expecting to pick it up for them?(maybe their house helps).

Littering, throwing your dirt just anywhere is one of the major causes of floods in Nigeria, which has taken so many lives but still most people feel that it’s just one nylon it doesn’t matter. One day it’s going to get to the point where it does matter, in fact it has even gotten to that point.

So my darlings, let’s all try to stop littering, it takes conscious effort to actually stop but i believe we can do it. Nigeria can actually be cleaner.

Teach your children to dispose their waste properly, be a responsible adult and stop throwing things out of a vehicle. If we can do this when we travel to other countries, why is it so difficult to do in your country


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